Akshaya Lottery Result | Prize Structure

Akshaya Lottery Result contains a list of all official Kerala Government Lottery- Akshaya Lottery Results On every Wednesday. We at keralalotteriesresults.co.in, make a prediction on Kerala lottery Akshaya Lottery ഞായറാഴ്ച result and an announcement made on every Tuesday 4.30 pm. The first prize of Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya Lottery is 6,500,000/- (Sixty-five lakh rupees only). Here you can check result of every week Akshaya Lottery Live and Akshaya Kerala Lottery Results yesterday also.

Last 30 Kerala Lottery Ticket Result

Lotteries Result
14-05-2018WIN WIN LotteryW-460
13-05-2018POURNAMI LotteryRN-339
12-05-2018KARUNYA LotteryKR-345
11-05-2018NIRMAL LotteryNR-68
10-05-2018KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-212
09-05-2018AKSHAYA LotteryAK-344
08-05-2018STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-105
07-05-2018WIN WIN LotteryW-459
06-05-2018POURNAMI LotteryRN-338
05-05-2018KARUNYA LotteryKR-344
04-05-2018NIRMAL LotteryNR-67
03-05-2018KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-211
02-05-2018AKSHAYA LotteryAK-343
01-05-2018STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-104
30-04-2018WIN WIN LotteryW-458
29-04-2018POURNAMI LotteryRN-337
28-04-2018KARUNYA LotteryKR-343
27-04-2018NIRMAL LotteryNR-66
26-04-2018KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-210
25-04-2018AKSHAYA LotteryAK-342
24-04-2018STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-103
23-04-2018WIN WIN LotteryW-457
22-04-2018POURNAMI LotteryRN-336
21-04-2018KARUNYA LotteryKR-342
20-04-2018NIRMAL LotteryNR-65
19-04-2018KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-209
18-04-2018AKSHAYA LotteryAK-341
17-04-2018STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-102
16-04-2018WIN WIN LotteryW-456
Old Yesterday Kerala Lottery Results

The official Kerala lottery draw conducted on every day at 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. In this site www.keralalottery.co.in, we are updating the Akshaya Lottery Result Today for your convenience. Here you can check the last 30 Akshaya Lottery results by default. But in here you can also search the older Kerala lottery result Akshaya Lottery. Find out Akshaya Lottery Wednesday Result today from keralalotteriesresults.co.in. Daily at 04.30 PM Akshaya Kerala Lottery results is published by Directorates of Kerala State Lotteries through official Lottery Medium keralalotteries.com. Here you can also get Akshaya Kerala lottery result yesterday. Check the Kerala state lottery result Online, we are posting an up-to-date Kerala lottery results Akshaya for easily checking the result.

Here you can get today Kerala lottery result –  അക്ഷയ Akshaya Lottery which is officially released by Kerala Lottery Department under the Ministry of Taxes of Kerala State Government. We give Live Kerala lottery result Today from 4:30 onwards and Akshaya Kerala Lottery Result yesterday Online. Here you can get Today’s Kerala lottery results Akshaya. Here you get live Wednesday Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya Lottery every week.

The official Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya (AK) are available at keralalottery.co.in, so you can view Akshaya Kerala lottery result today. You can also download official അക്ഷയ Akshaya Lottery AK Results PDF (Kerala lottery results Akshaya) from 3.30pm onwards. The official Kerala lottery result Akshaya Lottery ഞായറാഴ്ച result are publishing daily from 3.30pm onwards. The Government of Kerala conducting 7 daily lotteries and 1 Bi-weekly Nirmal bumper lottery and 6 Mega Bumper lotteries per year. Kerala Akshaya Lottery is one of the weekly lottery offered by the Directorates of Kerala State Lotteries. The Akshaya Lottery tickets are available only in Kerala State premises. The Akshaya Lottery Result Today draw starts from 4.30 pm onwards.

The Department of Kerala State Lottery has strict about അക്ഷയ  Akshaya Lottery frauds including single-digit lotteries in Kerala.The single-digit lottery or ‘written lottery’ on Akshaya Lottery, is actually illegal betting on the basis of Kerala lottery result today. The Akshaya Lottery ഞായറാഴ്ച Results available here.

Akshaya Lottery Prize Structure

Akshaya Weekly Lottery  Revised Prize Structure by the Kerala State Lottery Authorities
Total No.of അക്ഷയ Akshaya Lottery Tickets: 90 LAKH TICKETS     
Tickets in Ten Series
Akshaya Lottery Ticket Cost Rs.30/- ONLY       
DRAW held on every Wednesday
1st Prize
Prize Money details
Common to all series
The amount of Prize 
Rs. 65,00,000
No.of Prizes
Total Prize Amount  
Rs. 65,00,000
2nd Prize
Prize Money details
One prize in each series
The amount of Prize
Rs. 2,00,000
No.of Prizes
Total Prize Amount  
3rd Prize
Prize Money details
Last five digits to be drawn once
Amount of Prize 
No.of Prizes
Up to 90
Total Prize Amount 
Up to Rs. 9,00,000
4th Prize
Prize Money details
Last four digits to be drawn 12 times
The amount of Prize 
Rs. 5,000
No.of Prizes
Up to 10800
Total Prize Amount
Up to Rs. 5,40,00,000
5th Prize
Prize Money details
Last four digits to be drawn 10 times
The amount of Prize 
Rs. 1,000
No.of Prizes
Up to 9000
Total Prize Amount 
Up to Rs. 1,80,00,000
6th Prize
Prize Money details
Last Four digits to be drawn 22 times
The amount of Prize
Rs. 1,000
No.of Prizes
Up to 19800
Total Prize Amount 
Up to Rs. 1,98,00,000
7th Prize
Prize Money details
Last four digits to be drawn 28 times
The amount of Prize
Rs. 500
No.of Prizes
Up to 25200
Total Prize Amount 
Up to Rs.1,26,00,000
8th Prize
Prize Money details
Last four digits to be drawn 60 times
The amount of Prize
Rs. 100
No.of Prizes
Up to 54000
Total Prize Amount
Up to Rs. 54,00,000/-
Consolation prize   
All Five series Rs. 10,000/-


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